Mobile Casino

The mobile casino of Ruby Fortune does not offer as many of the games that are found at the downloaded and instant play casino but it still offers a good selection. These games have been adapted for the mobile platform and are played in exactly the same way as the online casino games with one big difference, the mobile platform is controlled by touch and swipe. The touch and swipe controls do take some getting used to but once used to them, the player will realize how much easier it is. The mobile casino is always open for play and it can be taken anywhere and everywhere, there are no limitations on it and it is very easy to play.

The Versatile Mobile Casino

Mobile casino players benefit from the same welcome bonus offer that is given at the online casino and the same conditions. Players can use the same methods for sending money and also enjoy the contact from the same customer service and support. The live chat is also operated for the mobile casino. Players who have enjoyed both the mobile casino and the online casino rave about the convenience of the mobile casino and also how versatile it is.